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Some Superstars wait their entire careers for an opportunity to come along. Zack Ryder went out and created his own.

After circling around the bottom of the card for more than a year after a marquee stint alongside Edge, Ryder became disenfranchised with his place in the WWE picture. Knowing he had more to offer, he took a Flip cam and some ingenuity and created “Z! True Long Island Story.” Debuting on YouTube in February 2011, the show quickly became a sensation, racking up viewer upon viewer each week. 

Before long, WWE fans began spiking their hair and fist pumping while chants of “Woo! Woo! Woo!” echoed from the rafters. Inspired by his overwhelming social media success, Zack introduced the “Internet Championship” on his web show and soon found himself being endorsed by the likes of John Cena.

Throughout Universe Mode

On RAW Episode 2, Ryder came up short in his match against Fandango after calling out the dancing superstar via social media for weeks. On RAW Episode 3, Ryder once again fought one half of Breezango, Fandango but the results this time was different as "Long Island Iced Z" picked up the win following a "Rough Ryder".


RAW Episode 51