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Year V WWE Pay-Per-Views

Below is a list of Pay-Per-Views that has been held in Universe Mode. the list will also include the upcoming Pay-Per-View and will be updated as time goes on.

Season Nine (WWE2K20)

Year V

Name Show Date Location Venue Main Event
Royal Rumble RAW & SDLive 28 January Year V Tokyo, Japan TBD
Badd Blood RAW & SDLive 18 February Year V TBD
WrestleMania RAW & SDLive 1 April Year V TBD
WWE Outbreak RAW & SDLive 6 May Year V TBD
King of the Ring RAW & SDLive 10 June Year V TBD
Judgment Day RAW & SDLive 22 July Year V TBD
Summerslam RAW & SDLive 26 August Year V TBD