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WWE King of the Ring (2017) was a pay-per-view event, produced by 2KEPGames and it featured both the RAW and Smackdown Live brands. It took place at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

King of the Ring Results

GauntletMatch (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

It was a match of twists and turns but would you expect anything different in a Gauntlet Match?


KOTRSemiFinal (Harper-Anderson) (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

After having the world bet against him to even make it past the first round, Karl Anderson entered San Juan with a chip on his shoulder but Luke Harper had an even bigger one and only one these men advanced to the finals


CWTitle (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

In his first PPV match back as Cruiserweight Champion, Neville pulled out all the stops to survive with his title but Hideo Itami was not going down without a fight.


KOTRSemiFinal (Reigns-Strowman) (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

It was a rivalry renewed as "The Monster Among Men" battled "The Big Dog" with that pivotal final spot in the finals on the line and it came down to sheer guts, determination and who wants it more.


USTitle (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

If you didn't believe in Seth Rollins before, you should after "The Kingslayer" (less than 100%) gutted it out in a Triple Threat Match that nearly saw him lose the title but he preserved his passion to survive but what followed sent shock-waves throughout Smackdown Live.


RAWTagTeamTitles (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

It was nothing but pure destruction when the Authors of Pain challenged for the RAW Tag Team Championship and it took The Revival a mere minutes to realize that they may have bitten off way more than they can chew.


RAWWomensTitle (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

This all came about because the arrogant champion "begging" for some real competition and real competition is what she received but once the bell rang the arrogance turned into viciousness


WWE Title (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

It was a unique match-up for the WWE Championship, two masters of mind games laid it all out there to walk away with the richest prize on RAW but a dark and confusing twist changed the outcome.


KOTR Final (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

It came down to two former allies as "The Monster" battled "The Deranged" in the Finals of the King of the Ring Tournament with only one man heading to Summerslam.


World Title (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

It has come down to this, one man wants to solidify his dominance on Smackdown Live while the other man embraces his "demons" to further his thirst for vengeance, but a shocking betrayal has changed everything.


Kick-Off Tag (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

The night full of twists and turns wasted little time in shocking us all as a "Bruiserweight" showed his true colors.


NoDQ (1) - King of the Ring (2017).png

Who would've imagined that all of this came about when one man lacked respect for the other behind closed doors?.


Tournament Bracket

  First Round
Smackdown Live Episode 50
Smackdown Live Episode 51
WWE King of the Ring
WWE King of the Ring
  1  Roman Reigns PIN  
2  Sheamus    
  1  Roman Reigns    
  2  Braun Strowman PIN  
3  Big Show  
  4  Braun Strowman PIN  
    1  Braun Strowman PIN
  2  Luke Harper  
  5  Luke Harper PIN  
6  Seth Rollins    
  3  Luke Harper PIN
  4  Karl Anderson    
7  Jinder Mahal  
  8  Karl Anderson PIN  




Tag Team Match

No Disqualification Match

Main Show

Gauntlet Match

Luke Harper vs. Karl Anderson

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

United States Championship Triple Threat

RAW Tag Team Championship Match

RAW Women's Championship Match

WWE Championship Match

To Be Added

Braun Strowman vs. Luke Harper

To Be Added

World Heavyweight Championship Last Man Standing

To Be Added