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Your typical 20-year-old’s daily routine probably consists of school, hanging with friends and the occasional game of FIFA, but the first WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate is no typical 20-year-old.

With five years of experience in promotions like Fight Club Pro, PROGRESS and Chikara, this grappler from Dudley, England spent his formative years inside the ring inspired by one of the more eclectic groups you’ll ever hear — Johnny Saint, Steve Grey and The Big Red Monster, Kane.

Bate honed his craft while earning his daily quid as a forklift operator to pay the bills. A technically-sound wrestler who prefers things fair but isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, Bate fought his way through four opponents in the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament — including the vicious Pete Dunne in the Finals — to become history's first WWE United Kingdom Champion at age 19. And if he's already made history as a teenager, imagine what the future holds for this gifted upstart.

Championships & Accomplishments

WWE United Kingdom Championship (1 time)