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A former football player for the University of Florida and the Jacksonville Jaguars, Titus O’Neil knows a thing or two about hard-hitting physical dominance.

One of the most imposing NXT Rookies on the show’s second season, “The Real Deal’s” hard work paid off in early 2012, when then-General Manager John Laurinaitis formally placed O’Neil and his main man Darren Young on the SmackDown roster. Taking on the name of The Prime Time Players, Young and O’Neil set out to prove to the WWE Universe that they were worth the “millions of dollars” they said they were, capturing the Tag Team Championships in 2015 after resolving a conflict that had initially driven them apart.

Not that the mind behind “The Titus Brand” is simply a tag-team stalwart. The gridiron grappler has left his fair share of Superstars lying limp on the mat in singles competition as well, bringing the same intensity and passion to his charity commitments outside the ring. A hell of a competitor and a hell of a humanitarian, it’s only a matter of time before the name on everyone’s lips is spelled “T-I-T-U-S.”

Throughout Universe Mode

End of Titus Worldwide

On Smackdown Live Episode 48, O'Neil was ringside supporting his friend Apollo Crews in Crews' US Title match against Seth Rollins with Crews coming up short. A humbling moment of O'Neil comforting his friend turned to shock when Crews low-blowed O'Neil and brutally attacked the leader of Titus Worldwide culminating with Crews tackling O'Neil thru the barricade at ringside. With Crews now apart of RAW, Titus O'Neil's revenge might not happen.