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Smackdown Live Episode 51 | Results

Seth Rollins set to defend US Title in a Triple Threat at King of the Ring

Rhyno hits an unsuspecting Seth Rollins with a Gore backstage

Lafayette, LA - Before they clash at King of the Ring for the World Heavyweight Title, Finn Balor has promised Big E Langston that he will meet his "demons". Plus, the two final first round King of the Ring Tournament matches takes place

Before the show even started, Seth Rollins confronted GM Ric Flair about what Aiden English did to him last weekend at a Smackdown exclusive Live Event and demanded he get English at King of the Ring, Flair said he could make it happen but he would have to cancel his scheduled match against Rhyno, Rollins refused due to him wanting revenge for what the "War Machine" did to him 2 weeks ago, Flair reluctantly agreed to Rollins facing English this Sunday but he stood his ground on cancelling tonight's match against Rhyno. Rollins brushed it off and demands that he has both English & Rhyno This Sunday with the title on the line in a Triple Threat. Flair made it official before Rollins walked out of his office. But before Rollins could get far, Rhyno gored Seth out of his boots, further aggravating the injuries Rollins sustained during the English assault. Can Seth even make it to Puerto Rico?

Braun Strowman def. Big Show to advance in King of the Ring Tournament

Braun Strowman standing tall after defeating Big Show to advance in the King of the Ring Tournament

It was a rivalry renewed as Braun Strowman battled the man he once broke the ring with - Big Show - with the winner advancing in the King of the Ring Tournament.

After massive blows exchanged by both monstrous Superstars, it was "The Monster Among Men" who flattened "The World's Largest Athlete" with not one but TWO running powerslams to secure the victory and now he will go one-on-one with Roman Reigns in the semi-finals at King of the Ring. Is "The Big Dog" ready for them hands?

Alexa Bliss gets extremely personal with Charlotte Flair; Huge Match made for Next Week

Alexa Bliss staring a hole in Charlotte Flair as "The Queen" interrupts Bliss' rant

After failing to secure the Smackdown Women's Title last week on Smackdown Live, Alexa Bliss came out to address her opponent from last week, Charlotte Flair. In what many thought was to be a "congratulations" turned into an all out rant towards WWE management and the Flair Family. Bliss went as far as to blame Charlotte's politicking by using her father's name to remain on top of Smackdown. Not to be disparaged, "The Queen" made her way to the ring to call out Bliss on disrespecting her family's good name and threatened Bliss to watch herself. Not even phased, "The Goddess" called out Charlotte for "acting tough" on camera and says "go ask daddy for his balls". Quickly calming the situation, Ric Flair interrupted and informed Alexa Bliss that she will get one more shot at the Smackdown Women's Title, IF she gets past Nia Jax next week on Smackdown Live with the winner facing Charlotte for the title at Judgment Day. Bliss, then blindsided the champion and dropping her with a DDT before sliding out of the ring.

Asuka def. Naomi

Asuka forcing Naomi to tap out to the "Asuka Lock" in quick fashion

Still holding onto the NXT Women's Championship (due to it being as good as the Money in the Bank briefcase), Asuka entered the arena focused on claiming another victory, in her path? the "Dancing Superstar" Naomi.

Looking to take out the "Queen of Glow" in quick fashion, "The Empress" kicked Naomi into oblivion before locking in the "Asuka Lock" to earn the quick victory, continuing her dominating streak on Smackdown Live.

Karl Anderson def. Jinder Mahal to advance in the King of the Ring Tournament

"Machine Gun" Karl Anderson flooring Jinder Mahal with a TKO en route to victory and advancing in the King of the Ring Tournament

In the final first round match in the King of the Ring Tournament, all the betting odds were in favor of the dominant Jinder Mahal to make quick work of one half of the "Good Brothers", Karl Anderson

After constantly flooring Anderson with forearms, big boots and even his finishing move, Mahal was on his way to the semi-finals but "The Modern Day Maharajah" wanted to toy with "The Machine Gun" a little more, even power bombing him onto the apron and slamming his head into it as well. But Anderson was not to be denied as Mahal's confidence got the better of him when Anderson floored Mahal with a running big boot before finishing him off with the TKO to advance in the tournament. Now Jinder knows to NEVER play with guns.

Cruiserweight Champion Neville def. Akira Tozawa (Non-Title)

Neville finishing off Akira Tozawa with the "Red Arrow" to pick up the win just 5 days before King of the Ring

In his first match back since re-signing with WWE, Cruiserweight Champion Neville looked to renew a rivalry with the outstanding Akira Tozawa in the main event of Smackdown Live

It was extremely high paced and impactful all at the same time as Tozawa looked to make a statement and stake his claim at a future shot at the Cruiserweight Title but Neville would not be denied as he rolled out of the way of Tozawa's devastating senton bomb from the top rope, it was all but over and "The King of the Cruiserweights" put the final nail on the match with his "Red Arrow" finishing move to score the pin and victory, gaining extreme momentum heading into King of the Ring.

Big E Langston finally met Finn Balor's "Demons" before King of the Ring

World Heavyweight Champion "Demon" Finn Balor face to face with Big E Langston before they clash at King of the Ring

Before they clashed in Puerto Rico in a Last Man Standing Match for the coveted World Heavyweight Championship. Finn Balor finally introduced Big E Langston to the "demons" he has kept buried for so long

After last week when Langston showed no remorse for what he did to Balor 2 months ago in the parking lot, Balor - who was banned from the arena - appeared on the titan-tron to inform the No.1 Contender that he will "let his demons loose" and "The Master of the Five Count" got a early message with the appearance of "The Demon King". Confused at what he was seeing, Langston taunted Balor before sliding out of the ring. Is this a sign of things to come This Sunday?