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Born with sports-entertainment in his blood, WWE Commissioner Shane McMahon has thrilled the WWE Universe with his daredevil decisions both in and out of the ring.

The only son of WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, Shane grew up in sports-entertainment, learning the ins and outs of the business while holding various positions, including referee and announcer. In fact, Shane was the play-by-play man on the debut edition of Sunday Night Heat in 1999.

It wasn’t until the younger McMahon stepped out from behind the microphone that the WWE Universe saw how similar to his father he was, yet different in many ways. There’s no doubt that Shane McMahon inherited his father’s entrepreneurial spirit. However, he put a modern twist on it. He eschewed a suit and tie for a more casual look, not unlike contemporary moguls like Mark Cuban. His flamboyant, cocky attitude could be both endearing and irritating.