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The first season of WWE MyCAREER was announced on October 5, 2018.

Due to low ratings and interest, GDM pulled the plug on the series in favor of continuing the Universe Mode series.

Season Summary

WWE 2K19 MyCareer Mode follows the career of a upcoming wrestler (Johnny Azreal) trying to make it to the big leagues of professional wrestling (WWE) but on his road to the top of the industry he has massive road blocks in the ring and behind the scenes. Can a "Buzz" finally happen that skyrockets this inspiring man to the top? Or will the powers that be extinguish his fire?


  • Chapter I: The NXT Invasion (EP.101-)
    • Up and coming Independent wrestler, Johnny Azreal is on the verge of greatness when he scores a tryout match with the WWE thanks to Matt Bloom. After he lands a WWE Contract offer, he is on an all time high, until a masked fan attacks him from behind and that type of altercation is not tolerated by WWE. After having his contract offer revoked, Azreal, now known as "Buzz" looks to utilize the attention of the attack as a way to stick it to Triple H. The events that follows sends Buzz down a path that he may or may not live to regret.


Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Johnny Azreal (MyCareer Episode 1) - WWE 2K19.png Mr.CQ Is Salty Writer: WWE Games Director: WWE Games October 13, 2018 #1x01
On the debut episode of WWE My Career Mode series, Johnny Azreal looks to impress Matt Bloom of the WWE when he goes one-on-one with "Mr. CQ" Cole Quinn during BCW TV. After barely surviving his tryout match, Azreal is offered a contract by Triple H and his world is on the right path until a unexpected run-in with a fan changes everything.

JA-CQ (MyCareer Episode 2) - WWE 2K19.png Let The Buzz Begin Writer: WWE Games Director: WWE Games October 27, 2018 #1x02
Johnny Azreal is back on the independent circuit under a new moniker "Buzz" after his WWE contract offer fell through. Upon his return, he renews his rivalry with Cole Quinn, who also has a new moniker "Black Hole Cole". Later on, while on tour in Mexico with Baron Blade, Buzz's past continues to haunt him, even beyond state borders

Triple H (MyCareer Episode 3) - WWE 2K19.png Invading The Territory Writer: WWE Games Director: WWE Games October 27, 2018 #1x03
After having their BCW stream taken down by WWE (specifically Triple H), Buzz and Cole Quinn look to invade WWE NXT as a form of payback and in doing so they set off a chain of events that they may or may not soon regret.

Production Notes

  • 2KEPGames announced that this series will serve as an official reboot of the MyCareer Series and will separate itself from the others
    • It has been green lit by Gresh Digital Media for a 10 Episode Series Count
      • An additional 18+1 Bonus Episodes has been added, increasing the number from 10 to 29

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