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Built as tough as an American-made automobile, The Man Beast from Detroit has had more than a few crash tests in the squared circle. Now, Rhyno is on SmackDown Live to show he can hang with The New Era.

Rhyno began his career wrestling for small companies in Canada where he became close friends with future ring allies Christian and WWE Hall of Famer Edge, but he first rose to national prominence in the original incarnation of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Debuting in mid-1999, the powerhouse took the renegade company by storm as he destroyed Extreme icons like Raven, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. Soon, even the highly-passionate hardcore fan base began to take notice of the devastating and impactful “GORE!”

Rhyno didn’t just defeat opponents. He ended them – barreling through his rivals like a full-steam-ahead locomotive. At CyberSlam 2000, he defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri for the ECW Television Championship. Over the ensuing months, Rhyno defended his title against all comers, including Jerry Lynn, Raven, Mikey Whipwreck, New Jack, Spike Dudley and even Rob Van Dam – who had vacated the title after a 23-month reign – but all were unable to topple The Man Beast.

Throughout Universe Mode

Heel Turn

On Smackdown Live Episode 46, Rhyno shocked the WWE Universe when he Gored Roman Reigns following "The Big Dog"'s match with Baron Corbin. On Smackdown Live Episode 47, Rhyno continued his cowardice ways when he Gored Reigns once again from behind. On Smackdown Live Episode 49, Rhyno competed in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match against US Champion Seth Rollins but before either men could pick up full steam, Rhyno was disqualified when Aiden English interfered by attacking Rollins, effectively removing "The Man Beast" from the Tournament, enraged, Rhyno Gored English for his troubles and sent an even stronger message by hitting Rollins with a 2nd Gore, nearly breaking "The Kingslayer" in half. On Smackdown Episode 51, Rhyno attacked an unsuspecting Seth Rollins backstage with a Gore, leaving Rollins' status for King of the Ring up in the air.


Smackdown Live Episode 47

Smackdown Live Episode 51