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RAW Episode 51 | Results

The Miz returns to RAW; Shane McMahon makes huge King of the Ring Match

Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, returns to RAW for the first time in months

Memphis, TN - On the final stop until King of the Ring, the superstars of RAW make their final statement before WWE invades Puerto Rico for the "royal event".

For the first time in months, Intercontinental Champion The Miz made his blockbuster return to RAW and he made it perfectly clear that he did not miss the WWE Universe, including the city of Memphis. After hearing Elias' remarks last week in regards to having a "challenge" for the "A-Lister", Miz wasted little time in calling out "The Drifter".

Answering the call, Elias quickly issues a challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at King of the Ring - which Miz declined. But he's not the WWE Commissioner

Shane McMahon interrupted the debate via the titan-tron to announce that The Miz WILL defend his Intercontinental Championship at King of the Ring and his opponent will be determined later in the night.

Elias def. Mojo Rawley (w/Zack Ryder)

Elias making quick work of Mojo Rawley on RAW

Failing to secure a championship match at King of the Ring, Elias was placed in a match against one half of the Hype Bros - Mojo Rawley - and "The Drifter" made quick work of the man who stays hyped

Much to the dismay of Zack Ryder, Rawley fell victim to Elias' "Drift Away" earning "The Drifter" another victory on RAW, probably placing him on the list of Shane McMahon's potential contenders for Miz's Intercontinental Championship at King of the Ring. "Who Wants To Walk With Elias?"!

Ember Moon brawls with RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch

Ember Moon slams Becky Lynch through a table in "Gorilla Position"

Last Week on RAW, Ember Moon was victorious in her RAW in-ring debut against Alicia Fox but her night was far from over when RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch interrupted the celebration

Still feeling disrespected by Moon from the "War Goddess'" grand debut, interrupting "The Irish-Lass Kicker", Lynch stared down her wanted "competition" and instead of showing respect, she bashed Moon in the skull with the title belt and left her laying in the middle of the ring.

Fast forward one week and tension have reached a boiling point and Lynch and Moon traded blows and incited a full out brawl throughout the backstage area and ending things when Ember slammed the champion through a table in the "Gorilla Position".

But their battle is far from over as announced the two will do battle for the first time ever at King of the Ring with the RAW Women's Championship on the line.

Kofi Kingston def. Xavier Woods (Via Disqualification)

Xavier Woods delivering a devastating low-blow to abruptly end his match with Kofi Kingston on RAW

Never did anyone image that what remained of the New Day would implode like this as Kofi Kingston went one-on-one with his former friend and tag team partner, Xavier Woods after Woods called out Kingston for what he said on twitter

The match itself delivered to a tee, both men brought everything they had and more, even to the point where you couldn't believe that they were ever friends.

After Kofi found his last whip of life, the leader of the "Boom Squad" was on the verge of a full comeback but Woods had other plans when he hit the unsuspecting Kingston with a devastating low blow to abruptly end the match. Adding insult to injury Woods would continue the assault with both a shinning wizard and a eat de-feet

Due to the result of the match, both men are now set to face each other one more time during the King of the Ring Kick-Off in a No Disqualification Match.

The Revival def. The Usos to retain the RAW Tag Team Championship

The Revival (Dash Wilder, Scott Dawson) after their victory of The Usos on RAW

In a rematch from last week, Jimmy and Jey Uso invoked their rematch clause to fight the new champs - Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder for the RAW Tag Team Titles.

After the Revival targeted each brother's knee and Jimmy still feeling the effects of the Superplex last week on RAW, the "Day One-Ish" Brothers were right for the picking and Revival finally hit the shatter machine to secure the win and their hold on the tag team straps.

Looking to send a message to the men who attacked them last week on RAW, The Revival continued the assault on the Usos until the Authors of Pain took the titan-tron to stare down the champs and in a way challenge them for the RAW Tag Team Titles at King of the Ring, which the champs immediately accepted before hitting Jey Uso with a Shatter Machine

Big Cass bragged about injuring John Cena

Big Cass bragging about injuring John Cena last week on RAW with a now newly banned Piledriver

Last Week on RAW, Big Cass finally got his rematch against John Cena after Cena eliminated him the WWE Championship Tournament 3 weeks ago.

The two went toe to toe and exchanged big moves and near-falls but Cass was not about to be defeated by Cena against so he instead got himself disqualified - which isn't a loss in his eyes (even though it is, technically) - by using a steel chair but he wasn't done there when he drove the former WWE & World Heavyweight Champion from the apron to the floor with a spike piledriver, a move that has sense been re-banned due to Cass over utilizing it to injure his opponents. After showing his distain for his now former girlfriend, Carmella, the fact that he was fined $100,000 and the fact that he can't catch a big break due to "part timers" stealing his spotlight, Cass was more confident than remorseful.

WWE Commissioner, Shane McMahon abruptly informed Cass that he is not the "money maker" he claims to be as he is costing the company money with him constantly injuring people but the boss quickly announced that a certain superstar has been medically cleared to return and he has a bone to pick with the big man from New York.

Enter Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho shockingly returning to RAW, attacking the man who injured him a few months ago - Big Cass

That's right, the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion, rock star and certified WWE Hall of Famer returned in shocking fashion, attacking the big man and flooring Cass with a Codebreaker, much to the shock of the WWE Universe.

Next Week on RAW, Big Cass will battle Chris Jericho in a Street Fight, Jericho has no love loss for the big man and things are sure to get brutal when they finally clash for the first time in months

Samoa Joe vs. Rusev ended in a No Contest

Samoa Joe drops Rusev with a Muscle Buster, looking to secure the victory over the "Bulgarian Brute"

One week after Rusev returned to RAW, looking for competition since his previous one went to Smackdown Live, he faced arguably his toughest opponent to date in the former of Samoa Joe. Both massive men left it all in the ring trading blows high and low and it even looked as if "The Destroyer" was about to submit to the Accolade but was quick to slide out and nearly defeat the "Super Athlete" with a Muscle Buster but that was not to be due to a very bitter Miz interrupted the match and took out both Superstars with a steel chair, abruptly ending the match. After clearing the ring of Joe, Rusev and even the referee. Miz demanded respect and Shane McMahon entered and gave it to him by announcing that Miz will defend his Intercontinental Championship at King of the Ring in a Gauntlet Match against 5 other superstar - 2 of which he just attacked with a steel chair - the other 3? Elias, AJ Styles and...JEFF HARDY

Jeff Hardy def. Intercontinental Champion The Miz (Non-Title)

Jeff Hardy stunning The Miz with a Twist of Fate during his return match on RAW

Yes, you heard that right Jeff Hardy has returned and he is apart of the Gauntlet Match for the Intercontinental Championship at King of the Ring and to brush off any ring rust he might have had, Shane McMahon granted him a match against The Miz and "The Charismatic Enigma" made quick work of the "A-Lister" with a Twist of Fate followed up by a Swanton Bomb to secure the 1-2-3 and full momentum heading into This Sunday

Following the match, Miz showed a side of humbleness when he extended his hand to Hardy and show respect to the returning Superstar, but that was all a ruse as Miz attacked Hardy with a steel chair and floored the former Tag Team Champion with 3 skull crushing finales to send a message to all of his opponents that he is not losing that title in Puerto Rico

WWE Champion Bray Wyatt called out Shinsuke Nakamura

WWE Champion, Bray Wyatt, attacking Shinsuke Nakamura just 6 days before their match on Sunday at King of the Ring

Before they let everything loose This Sunday at King of the Ring over the WWE Championship, Bray Wyatt called out his challenger, Shinsuke Nakamura, one final time before the pending showdown to basically run down the legend of the "King of Strongstyle" and Nakamura's response was simple "Knee. To. Face" and that response answered the "Eater of Worlds" which followed up with a massive right hand from Wyatt and a potential "Sister Abigail" but Nakamura saw it coming and hit Wyatt with a Kinshasa to send the message that he will take that WWE Championship in Puerto Rico but Wyatt would not stay down for long as he used his power to "rise" and hit an unsuspecting Nakamura with a Sister Abigail on the stage.

Things are sure to be combustible at King of the Ring.