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RAW Episode 33 | Results

Location: Detroit, MI

Show: Monday Night RAW

Following the shocking purchase of TNA Wrestling, WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon has decided it was time to shake things up again in the WWE by reinstating both the brand separation and the yearly WWE Draft


02. WWE RAW May 2015 Week 1 - THE DRAFT (WWE 2K16 Universe Mode)

WWE Draft Superstar Selections

Pick # Name Show Drafted To
1 Eric Young Smackdown
2 Bobby Roode Smackdown
3 Angelina Love Smackdown
4 Awesome Kong Smackdown
5 Bobby Lashley RAW
6 Austin Aries RAW
7 Abyss RAW
8 Bram RAW
9 Drew Galloway Smackdown
10 Brooke Adams Smackdown
11 Velvet Sky "Dudley" Smackdown