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Already a gifted in-ring competitor, Nikki Cross’ unbridled fury and penchant for pain makes her one of NXT’s most dangerous Superstars.

The unhinged Cross enjoys pain so much that she has been known to bite her own hand and claw at her own face in the middle of a match. With wild behavior like this, it’s no wonder she has found herself fighting alongside the chaos-inducing group known as SAnitY.

At first look, one might underestimate the pint-sized Scot, but that would be a big mistake. Cross doesn’t discriminate when it comes to punching people in the face. Whether you’re a friend or foe, this crazed competitor is chomping at the bit to attack.

The rest of NXT’s roster better watch out because Nikki Cross is here and there’s no telling who she will try to fight next.

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