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As the second-highest cause of whiplash behind car accidents, Naomi first turned heads as a dancer for the NBA's Orlando Magic and hip-hop stars like Flo Rida. These talents would take her around the world, as Naomi performed everywhere from North Korea to Indonesia.

Despite all that success, Naomi's dance steps couldn’t satisfy her competitive spirit, which is how she found herself as a contestant on WWE NXT. Despite being eliminated in the final week of her season, Naomi soon launched into orbit around Planet Funk.

Accompanying Brodus Clay to the ring while grooving with fellow Diva Cameron, the athletic beauty used the canvas as her own personal dance floor. After the disintegration of the tag team of Clay and "Sweet T," or Tons of Funk, The Funkadactyls even landed on Total Divas, a reality show on E!.

Reality show bonafides aside, Naomi has had a series of remarkable runs as both fan-favorite and corner-cutting villain, doggedly pursuing the Divas Championship for the better part of a year and cementing her status as a ring general by heading up the attitude-filled Team B.A.D. of Tamina and Sasha Banks during the Divas Revolution.

Throughout Universe Mode

On Smackdown Episode 52, Naomi came up short in quick fashion to Asuka, tapping out to the "Asuka Lock".

Championships & Accomplishments


Smackdown Live Episode 52