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Passion, perseverance and pride are the three words Mojo Rawley lives by. Mojo brings an intensity to the ring that few can match all while wearing an infectious smile on his face. He is, in a word, hyped.

Prior to his wrestling career, Rawley played all positions on the defensive line for the University of Maryland while assuming the same role for the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. Pushing the boundaries of every muscle in his body and brain, Mojo shattered countless records in strength and speed, and even earned his MBA degree at the young age of 23.

All of this made Rawley a no-brainer to join the world of sports-entertainment, where one must stay hyped and hungry at all times. Mojo proved to be both, blazing a trail through WWE NXT that eventually landed him in a tag team with veteran Superstar Zack Ryder. As the “Hype Bros,” Mojo and Zack fed off each other’s enthusiasm and energy, becoming a force to be reckoned with in NXT’s tandem division.

Championships & Accomplishments