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Let The Buzz Begin is the second episode of the first season of WWE MyCAREER and the second episode of the series overall.


RETURN TO THE INDIES - Johnny Azreal is back on the independent circuit under a new moniker "Buzz" after his WWE contract offer fell through. Upon his return, he renews his rivalry with Cole Quinn, who also has a new moniker "Black Hole Cole". Later on, while on tour in Mexico with Baron Blade, Buzz's past continues to haunt him, even beyond state borders.


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Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Guest Characters

  • Fan Girl
  • El Mago


  • This is the first time anyone referred to Azreal as "Buzz"
    • Ironically this is the first and ONLY appearance of "Black Hole Cole" as Quinn is referred by his real name going forward
  • The Masked Man made another appearance during this episode, it was later revealed to be a fake. An overzealous fan looking for an autograph.
  • Buzz and Quinn plot with Barron Blade to invade WWE/NXT after Triple H shut down their BCW Live Stream


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  • Watch Full Episode Here (Link)