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The energy contained within one Kofi Kingston could power a major city for several years.

A Ghanaian grappler with a beaming smile, Kingston’s boundless enthusiasm is rivaled only by his limitless athleticism, which he displays fearlessly every time he steps in the ring. Most of the people who don’t like Kingston are the Superstars he faces each week — and that’s only because they can rarely catch him. His dazzling aerials only belie what is truly a fierce fighter, who can curtail the smiles to kick up the intensity if an opponent is foolish enough to set him off.

Randy Orton, for example, tested Kingston’s patience in late 2009 and paid for it when Kingston defaced The Viper’s customized NASCAR before targeting Orton himself, leaping off a balcony at Madison Square Garden and splintering him through a table. Kingston’s determination makes him a legitimate threat and repeated favorite in the annual Money in the Bank Ladder Matches, though he’s yet to snag the coveted briefcase amid his rampant boom-dropping. His creativity to survive in the Royal Rumble Match — like walking on his hands, lunging onto an eliminated Superstar’s back or using a chair as a pogo stick — has quickly grown into an institution at the yearly January event. 

Throughout Universe Mode

On RAW Episode 48, Kingston came up short during his match with Big Cass, despite interference from his friend Xavier Woods.

Booming Solo Once Again

On RAW Episode 50, Kingston interrupted his former tag team partner, Xavier Woods's rant about Kofi and the two exchanged heated words ending with Kofi thanking Woods for "lighting a fire under his ass" before Kingston walked away, leaving Woods in a confused state. On RAW Episode 51, In a match we thought we'd never see as Kingston went one on one with his former tag team partner, Xavier Woods and the match surely delivered with both men giving everything they had but before a decisive winner could be determined, Woods low-blowed Kingston, resulting in the match ending in Disqualification with Woods standing tall after hitting a final "Shinning Wizard" followed up by a "Eat Defeat".

At WWE King of the Ring,

Championships & Accomplishments


RAW Episode 50

RAW Episode 51