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Few Superstars have arrived in WWE with more of a pedigree than Jey Uso. Along with his brother Jimmy, Jey is a member of the legendary Samoan Anoa’i Family, which includes such WWE Hall of Fame luminaries as his father Rikishi and great uncles The Wild Samoans, as well as The People’s Champion, The Rock.

The Usos begin each match by approaching the ring performing the Siva Tau, a traditional Samoan war dance meant to strike fear in their opponents. While embracing that aspect of their heritage, Jimmy and Jey have been determined to show the WWE Universe a more modern representation of their family.

Performing in more traditional in-ring trunks and boots instead of barefoot in beads like his island-born great uncles, Jey’s style represents the seamless blend of Samoan tradition and American innovation. This acceptance and evolution of their heritage inevitably paid dividends for The Usos, who joined the list of Anoa'i Family luminaries who held tag team championship gold in WWE by defeating The New Age Outlaws for their first WWE Tag Team Championships in March 2014.

With their legend still being written, there’s no telling how high The Usos will soar, but the future is there for the taking. All together now: “UCE!”

Throughout Universe Mode

RAW Tag Team Champion

On RAW Episode 46, Jey and his brother Jimmy arrived to RAW as the new Tag Teams Champions after surviving WrestleMania and their night ended badly with a massive loss to the returning Revival. On RAW Episode 47, The Revival scored another victory over The Usos in quick fashion, gaining full momentum heading into their pending title match. On RAW Episode 48, Jey got some sort of revenge when he forced Scott Dawson to submit, giving The Usos full momentum heading into WWE Backlash. On RAW Episode 50, The Revival's ever growing momentum finally got the better of Jey and his brother Jimmy when they lost the RAW Tag Team Championship to Dawson & Wilder after Dawson superplexed Jimmy off the top rope to the floor at ringside. On RAW Episode 51, Jey and his brother Jimmy attempted to regain their titles by invoking their rematch clause against The Revival but came up short after Jimmy suffered a "Shatter Machine". Jey's night worsened when Dawson & Wilder hit another "Shatter Machine" on him.