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Fandango is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, performing on the NXT brand.


He’s graceful. He’s dashing. He’s Fandango — that’s “Fahn-DAHN-Go” — and he’s bringing a style all his own to the WWE Universe. Mind if he cuts in?

Apologies if you were expecting another Neanderthal in leather underwear. That’s not the tune this self-styled Superstar dances to. First introduced to the WWE Universe in a series of vignettes that showed him moving seductively in a nightclub with a gorgeous woman, Fandango made it clear that he’s not interested in following typical WWE trends. When this nimble competitor is in the spotlight, he leads, most notably in his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 29 when he defeated Chris Jericho. That win still ranks as one of the greatest upsets in sports-entertainment history and shot the dancing devil into the viral stratosphere with a trend known as “Fandangoing.”

Still, don’t mistake Fandango’s light feet for a soft touch. At 6-foot-4 with a muscular 244-pound build and Tyler Breeze by his side forming the tag team Breezango, the performer is more than capable of busting a move — both on the dance floor and in the ring. With more style than a stack of GQ magazines, Fandango is in WWE to prove that ruthless aggression and animal strength aren’t the only ways to find success in sports-entertainment. Sometimes, a little rhythm goes a long way. Now, say his name.

Throughout Universe Mode

On RAW Episode 47, After weeks of back and forth exchanges on social media, Fandango picked up an impressive victory over Zack Ryder. On RAW Episode 48, Fandango failed to pick up a 2nd win during the rematch between himself and Ryder. On RAW Episode 52, the end of Breezango came about when a furious Tyler Breeze struck Fandango with a steel chair following the dancing superstar's quick loss to The Brian Kendrick.

On RAW Episode 54, Fandango lost his grudge match against Tyler Breeze despite getting the upper-hand on his former tag team partner.

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