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Few Superstars are shrouded in such mystery as Ember Moon, but one thing is perfectly clear: She is a force to be reckoned with. That much was obvious when Moon ran through Billie Kay in Moon’s NXT debut at TakeOver: Brooklyn II. It didn’t take long to see that there is something special about Moon, whose jaw-dropping athleticism and striking prowess leaves fans and opponents in awe.

Her breathtaking finisher, the Eclipse, has been unanswered to date. The move is so invariably damaging that opponents go to extremes to avoid it — Kay and Peyton Royce even (unsuccessfully) called for its ban. With unlimited potential, the spirit of a war goddess and a seemingly unstoppable weapon in the Eclipse, Moon is well-equipped to help lead NXT Women’s division into the future.

Throughout Universe Mode

Bringing Competition To RAW

On RAW Episode 49, Ember made her shocking debut on RAW, confronting new RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch. After an intense stare down, Moon proclaimed that she is the "competition" that Lynch seeks before the champion left the ring. On RAW Episode 50, Ember made her official in-ring debut on RAW making quick work of Alicia Fox proving that she is on RAW to be on top of the division, in a twist of roles, Becky Lynch interrupted Ember's celebration and attacked Moon with the RAW Women's Title belt, flooring "The War Goddess". On RAW Episode 51, tensions reached a boiling point between Moon and Becky Lynch when both women were involved in a chaotic brawl backstage ending when Ember slammed Becky through a table positioned in Gorilla Position.