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Cole Quinn is a recurring character in WWE MyCAREER. He is a upcoming independent wrestler currently signed to BCW. He is antagonistic towards Johnny Azreal, mainly because he feels that his opportunity to sign with WWE was stolen from him.

Throughout MyCareer Mode

In Mr.CQ Is Salty, Quinn, known as "Mr.CQ" is seen stretching before his match with Johnny Azreal and when Azreal approaches him, he arrogantly stops him in his tracks and boasts about Matt Bloom being there to scout him and sign him to WWE/NXT. Later on, Quinn loses his match against Azreal. When Quinn approaches Matt Bloom, Baron Blade and Azreal, once again boasting about being signed to WWE/NXT and even saying he will purchase a beach house when he moves to Orlando, Matt Bloom brings him back to reality and says he's actually more interested in signing Azreal instead of him and says he's not a big fan of the "Mr.CQ" gimmick. After Bloom offers Azreal a tryout match and leaves, Quinn goes into a tirade and blames Azreal and Blade for him losing his chance at making it to the WWE and bashes BCW for the low budget promotion that it is before storming off.

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Season One