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There is nothing much to say about Carmello Young other than he's a Tank in the ring.

Making his WWE debut in April Year IV apart of the NXT brand, Young has wasted no time in making an impact by attacking an unsuspecting Roderick Strong. Months later he was released

As of July Year IV, Young now known as "The Prodigy" has signed to two upcoming promotions Supreme Wrestling Alliance (SWA) and now World-1 Professional Wrestling.

Throughout World-1 Pro Wrestling

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Throughout Universe Mode

On NXT Episode 15, Young made his NXT debut in a massive way by soundly defeating Roderick Strong. On NXT Episode 16 Young continued his dominance by defeating Strong despite "The Master of the Back-breaker"'s pre-match assault, all it took was a TKO for "The Tank" to pick up the win.

Championships & Accomplishments

  • None

  • None

  • SWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship (x1)

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