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WWE Champion Bray Wyatt putting the final "Kiss" on the wound of Shinsuke Nakamura following his victory

WWE Champion Bray Wyatt def. Shinsuke Nakamura to retain the title


It was a unique match-up for the WWE Championship, two masters of mind games laid it all out there to walk away with the richest prize on RAW but a dark and confusing twist changed the outcome

Right out the gate both men attempted to cause the other to crack with their own unique set of mind games and once they grew tired of that, all hell broke loose. After kicking out of a "Sister Abigail", Nakamura nearly broke "The Eater of Worlds" en-route to leaving San Juan with the title. "The King of Strongstyle" was on the verge of winning the title after a Kinshasa but as Nakamura was about to pin the champion, the lights went dark and once they returned, two strange men were standing on the apron distracting Nakamura (who was confused just as the WWE Universe) and that distraction was enough for Wyatt to hit another "Sister Abigail" to score the victory and retained the WWE Championship but "The New Face of Fear" was far from finished with Nakamura when the two mysterious men re-appeared and watched on as Wyatt hit another "Sister Abigail"

What does this mean? Is there a "New" Wyatt Family on the rise?


After Bray Wyatt survived a brutal 8-Man Tournament to win the WWE Championship, his celebration was cut short with the arrival of Shinsuke Nakamura, immediately challenging the "New Face of Fear" for the title.

2 months ago, "The King of Strongstyle" was set to challenge then-champion Brock Lesnar for the championship in a highly anticipated rematch 11 years in the making at WWE Backlash but unfortunate circumstances cancelled the event and the match did not happen.

Now with Lesnar gone from the WWE during the hiatus and everything was put back on track months later, RAW was without a WWE Champion, enter General Manager Shawn Michaels to announce a single elimination One Night Only WWE Championship Tournament to crown the new champion on Episode 4 of RAW. Surviving highly competitive matches against AJ Styles and Elias, Bray Wyatt left Chicago with the most prestigious Championship on RAW and in WWE History.

Enter, Shinsuke Nakamura!

Still feeling that he is owed a WWE Title Match, the former NXT Champion came face to face with the "Eater of Worlds" and instantly challenged the new champion for a match, which wasn't answered when Bray Wyatt disappeared into darkness

But News broke via Twitter that this championship match has been made official and it will happen LIVE in San Juan, Puerto Rico!