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Bobby Roode has ushered in NXT’s Glorious Era and now he looks to usher in the same for RAW.

Already a world-renowned Superstar by the time he joined NXT in July 2016, Roode promised from the beginning to bring the brand to new heights. Vowing to become the poster boy of a new, Wall Street-endorsed NXT, The Glorious One took a major step toward that goal when he defeated Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: San Antonio to win the NXT Championship.

With or without a title, however, Roode conducts himself like a veteran champion who knows nobody is in his league. Outside the ring, he dresses GQ chic, always ready for a photo op with a corporate sponsor, and inside the ring, Roode boasts two decades of experience against the world’s elite. Choirs sing him to the ring.

Now that he has reached the summit of NXT, The Glorious One looks to climb further on top of the WWE, weather on RAW or Smackdown Live

Throughout Universe Mode

The Glorious NXT

On NXT Episode 15 after defeating Shinsuke Nakamura to win the NXT Championship in Orlando, Roode decided to push the buttons of his long time rival in NXT - Kassius Ohno. After assaulting him before the bell rang and thwarting his every offensive maneuvers, One "Glorious DDT" later and the champion is standing victorious over his "potential" challenger. On NXT Episode 16, Roode's mind games with Ohno continued when the champion appeared on stage following Ohno's victory over Hideo Itami and a all out brawl ensued between the two, requiring officials and producers to separate the two. Later on a furious GM Christian confronted Roode and officially named Ohno as the next challenger for the NXT Title.

Grand RAW Debut

On RAW Episode 49, Roode cashed in his NXT Championship to earn his spot in the WWE Championship Tournament but came up short in the first round to his long time rival, AJ Styles. At King of the Ring, behind the referee's back, Roode interfered in the WWE Intercontinental Championship Gauntlet Match and attacked Styles from behind on the outside with the Glorious DDT, costing Styles his match. On RAW Episode 52, A vengeful AJ Styles called out the man who cost him his chance at being Intercontinental Champion, but instead he was confronted by Chad Gable and after the two had a highly competitive match, Roode's theme music distracted Styles long enough for the former NXT Champion to rush the ring through the dark and hit a Glorious DDT on the unsuspecting Styles. On RAW Episode 53, Roode continued to show his "obsession" with AJ Styles, feeling the need to one up his once friend and long time rival. After making quick work of Curt Hawkins, Roode continued his assault until Styles come from out of nowhere with the Phenomenal Forearm, proving that the issues between the two is far from over.