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Bo Dallas Bo-lieves he was born to be a star, and based on his unbreakable spirit, he’ll have no problem achieving his dream.

A former NXT standout, this grinning grappler sports an impressive array of in-ring maneuvers, including his signature Running Tornado "Bo-Dog." His impact extends beyond the ropes, however, with his moving messages for the WWE Universe, opponents and anyone who will listen. The sky is the limit for this self-proclaimed success story.

Making his debut after weeks of inspirational vignettes urging the WWE Universe to reach for the stars and follow their dreams, it was Bo-Time. Making his WWE ring debut on the May 23, 2014 edition of SmackDown, Dallas didn’t disappoint, beginning his WWE career with an impressive winning streak.

His perfect mark was eventually snapped, but no matter what ups and downs he faced, Dallas remained steadfast and positive in his message, preaching Bo-lief to everyone from bruisers like Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to Legends such as Sting and The Rock, all while continuing to seize every opportunity that came his way in the ring. 

So what’s next? A Royal Rumble Match victory? A Money in the Bank contract? The main event of WrestleMania? It’s all there. It’s all possible. All he has to do is … you know.

Throughout Universe Mode

On RAW Episode 48, Dallas was on the losing end of a match against Samoa Joe, tapping out to the Coquina Clutch. On RAW Episode 50, Dallas was on the receiving end of a message at the hands of Bray Wyatt when the WWE Champion made quick work of Dallas before turning his attention to Bo's tag team partner Curtis Axel.

New Wyatt Family

At King of the Ring, during the WWE Championship main event, two men wearing sheep masks distracted Shinsuke Nakamura long enough for Wyatt to sneak up behind Nakamura with the Sister Abigail to retain the title. On RAW Episode 52, Dallas was revealed to be one of the men wearing the sheep masks along with his tag team partner Axel, signifying that he is now apart of the "new" Wyatt Family. On RAW Episode 53, Dallas watched on as Axel was the sacrificial lamb when he attacked The Rock from behind before suffering a Rock Bottom.