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Baron Blade is a recurring character in WWE MyCAREER. He is a retired wrestler and current promoter of BCW. He has become a father figure to Johnny Azreal, looking to boast his career.

Throughout MyCareer Mode

In Mr.CQ Is Salty, Blade was first seen convening with Matt Bloom of the WWE, who was in the building to scout new talent for the WWE/NXT. Blade introduces Bloom to Johnny Azreal and the two hit it off right away. After the Quinn/Azreal match, Blade congratulates Azreal on the victory and when Quinn walks up, he makes smart remarks towards Quinn, whom is boasting about being signed to WWE, Bloom however, informs Cole that he is actually offering Azreal a tryout match at the upcoming episode of RAW, which sends Quinn into a tirade towards Blade, Azreal and BCW. After Quinn storms off, Blade and Azreal share the group's "BCW handshake". Blade accompanies Azreal to his WWE tryout and gives him words of encouragement and advice since Blade, himself, is a former WWE Superstar. After Azreal's tryout match, Blade helps ice Azreal's wounds and guarantees him an indefinite spot in BCW. Triple H walks up to both men and offers Johnny Azreal a WWE contract that will need to be signed within the next 24 hours. After Triple H walks away, Blade expresses his sadness towards his biggest star and student leaving. The next night, Blade is standing next to Azreal in Triple H's office after video surfaced of a masked fan attacking Azreal from behind, Triple H pulls his contract offer and demands that both men leave the building. A few days later, Blade walks up to Azreal's van and reassures him that they will capitalize on the Buzz that the fan altercation created, donning Azreal with the nickname "Buzz" in the process. The next night at BCW TV, Blade informs Buzz that he will be referred to that name and will be competing against Cole Quinn (under the name "Black Hole Cole") in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.


Season One