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Akam & Rezar celebrating their first title win apart of Monday Night RAW

Authors of Pain def. The Revival to win the RAW Tag Team Championship


It was nothing but pure destruction when the Authors of Pain challenged for the RAW Tag Team Championship and it took The Revival a mere minutes to realize that they may have bitten off way more than they can chew.

The entire match was AOP as from pillar to post Akam and Rezar dominated Dash and Dawson. Showing little to no signs of hope, Wilder attempted to fight back but was tossed off the apron and was forced to watch on (if he was still conscious) as his partner suffered "The Last Chapter" and the Authors picked up the win to win their first tag team titles apart of Monday Night RAW.


It's either "Say Yeah" or "Next Chapter"

Bursting onto the scene, the Authors of Pain will challenge The Revival for the RAW Tag Team Championship. With both teams leaving a massive mark down in NXT, the #TopGuys have a huge task ahead.

On RAW Episode 50, The Revival challenged The Usos for the RAW Tag Team Championship and after a back and forth contest, Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder claimed RAW's top tag prize but the mood changed following the match when the Authors of Pain made a shocking and impact RAW debut and laid out both men. One week later on RAW, The Usos received their rematch and the results remained the same with the Top Guys retaining the red straps. After Akam and Rezar challenged The Revival for the tag team titles at King of the Ring, focused on revenge, the challenge was accepted and now the stage is set.