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Fighting isn’t just a skill, it’s an art. And Aiden English is an artist. Actually, make that “Artiste,” a gentleman purveyor of the manly arts, including song, theater and, most prominently, combat.

English can be seen debonairly devastating opponents with all the power his wry, muscled frame will allow. English brings panache, as well, wrecking his foes with all the brutishness of a bygone era. And when he's done, "The Artiste" will dazzle the WWE Universe with a song, showing off pipes worthy of The Great White Way.

In WWE NXT, English combined forces with Simon Gotch to form The Vaudevillians, a throwback tandem determined to prove their pure manliness at the expense of teams such as The Lucha Dragons, Enzo & Cass and Blake & Murphy.

The Vaudevillians’ moxie paid off when they defeated Blake & Murph at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn to capture the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Now relishing his time alone in the spotlight as a singles competitor on SmackDown LIVE, English is always up for a scrap to demonstrate his old-school grit.

Throughout Universe Mode

On Smackdown Live Episode 47, English came up short in a triple threat match for the WWE United States Championship with Seth Rollins pinning English to pick up the victory and retain the title. On Smackdown Live Episode 49, infuriated by not being involved in the King of the Ring Tournament, English interfered in the Rollins/Rhyno qualifying match (causing Rhyno to be disqualified) by attacking Rollins, this notion infuriated "The Man Beast" and English suffered a Gore for his troubles.